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Daniel Faucher is from Montreal. He has been associated with the university milieu for many years. No, he is not a professor, nor a journalist.  He is currently working as a middle manager for a large IT unit, in a university. As simple as that. Each one has his own mission.

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The circus is in town!

“Trump is the PT Barnum of politics”.  This remarkable quote is from John Dean, who was a  senior advisor under Richard Nixon during the Watergate period. Dean was reacting to the idea of having people waiting in line more than 6 hours before the start of a Trump rally in Erie Pennsylvania a couple weeks …

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Elizabeth Warren and the blood connection

I am a fan of Elizabeth Warren. Lets’ be clear on that.  She is a straight shooter, she  has a social democratic agenda  and she is also a liberal. In a video published recently on her Twitter account ,  she tries to sent the record straight concerning her Native American ancestry.   Her imperturbable calm and …

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Scary Time for Boys

This is a brillant video . Period. A nice parody and a nice song.  The perfect answer to the #himtoo movement. In reaction with to the comment made by Trump POTUS which expressed the idea that time were tough for boys following what went through with e Kavanaugh hearings.  Scary times for boys? Really?  

London Mayor Sadiq Khan reads some of the racist comments he receives

The Mayor of London read out some of the racist online abuse he receives. Published from the BBC on March 13, 2018. Poweful.

Kerguelen – Vendée Globe 2016-2017

Here is the winning sequence of the most recent Monaco’s Sport Award. This jaw-drooping video from Hervé Bode shows skippers Armel le Cléac’h and Alex Thompson in action near the Kerguelen Islands during the recent Vendée Globe. A must watch.

Megyn Kelly speaks out against Fox News and Bill O’Reilly

Megyn Kelly spoke out loud and clear this morning during her show Today on NBC.  She told her audience that she did complained to Fox News about Bill O’Reilly’s behavior, in response to the recent O’Reilly’s denial following the article published in the NY Times concerning the $32 million dollars settlement for sexual harassment involving …

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President Donald Trump Travel Ban Decision Preceded US Niger Exposure

I am a big fan of Rachel Maddow. I am not shy about that. That said, her introduction segment last night on MSNBC was absolutely outstanding, even for a convert like me who watch her show on a daily basis. In 20 minutes, Maddow, like a university teacher,  was able to explain why there are …

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Depressing week. The blockbuster Weinstein story is a spectacular meltdown for this disgusting class of individuals who think that they are above the law simply because they are men, rich, famous, and reign over an empire. That said, it is rather depressing to see how the right in the US is recuperating this story. Namely …

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LX 64 – Landing in MIA

I really love this video. A plane is meant to be in the air. Taking off a runway is not that complicated; it is a simple question of physics and dynamics. Landing is against nature, though. There is a lot of tasks to perform in order to bring the plane safely on the ground. Especially …

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Dash 8 – Final approach

Final approach for a Dash 8 somewhere up North. We can feel the precariousness of this approach, as well as the focus and the calm of the pilot in manoeuvring. Obviously, this is not their first landing at that tiny airport.

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