Hate speech is not free speech


“Hate speech is not free speech”. This quote is from Lenny Pozner, father of one of the children slaughtered in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting of December 2012. Pozner is describing the threats he has received since he has decided to go public and speak against the conspiracy theories overshadowing the Sandy Hook tragedy. One of the main proponent behind these conspiracy theories is Alex Jones through is media platform Infowars, with its millions of hard-core followers. Jones has pushed the appalling idea that Sandy Hook was a hoax, a staged operation involving paid comedians in support of an alleged governmental plot to grab people’s guns.

Of course, this is sheer nonsense, utter madness, and heresy. Lenny Pozner is paying the human price of being threat on a daily basis through social medias.  The parents of the children slain at Sandy Hook are suing Jones. Nevertheless, his audience remains solid. He is still pushing one conspiracy theory after the other, nonsense after nonsense, true fake news in fact, because this is what his followers want to hear and see. It would be convenient to look elsewhere and say that this may not be as important as it seems. However, I do not agree with that approach. This is dangerous stuff and we need to watch carefully what is going on that dark side of the wall.



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