Mains qui prientYou are in our thoughts and prayers. This reminds me the time when I was a kid, and asked in entrusting to God, in prayer, whenever confronted with adversity or an insurmountable obstacle. It was a convenient way of avoiding the problem, without having the obligation to provide answers or propose solutions. There is nothing to see here, move on. Following the mass killing of Las Vegas, it is quite astonishing to see that we are again asking those who seek answers to entrust prayers. Stay calm, close your eyes, fake some recollection, and everything will be fine. No need to do or change anything. Turn a bling eye and trustfully place your trust in God, even though he has probably other things to do, whether God exists or not. This is a fanciful dream that lays bare the profound lack of moral strength, and courage, from those who have the power in making things better.

What happened in Las Vegas last Sunday is something that concerns all of us. The nonsense drama has destroyed the life of too many people, and it requires that we face the brutal reality, draw a line in the sand, with courage, and start to question some of the most sacred things. In this case, gun control and the powerful lobbies that shamefully oppose to it. From our perspective, that should be something feasible, even though it is a major cultural issue. It is a question of courage and proper decision-making – not prayers. When we elect men and women to higher offices, we normally do it because we believe that they are leaders among our community, that they are strong and courageous individuals, that they reveal greatness in their vision and able to prioritize the common good over their self-interest. We expect these leaders to stand up in the command post and take the lead when things start falling apart. Not to start praying when the boat first start to rock. If these politicians prefer entrusting to God in prayers instead of acting decisively, then we need to kick them out from their post, expose their weaknesses publicly and stop supporting them. That is a basic question of survival.


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