Behind the wall there is a man sitting on a bench. He is not in hiding; you just have to look through one of the openings in the wall to see that it is not the case. The man is simply sitting, peacefully. Listening into what he hears, looking into what he sees. He is full-time event observer, but he is not afraid to comment on what he sees and hears. Hence, he is using this blog to communicate his observations and comments in publishing impromptu op-eds and chronicles, sometimes real, sometimes fictitious, on politics and society.

The blog is available in both French and English, and targeting an audience from age 8 to 88. Not kidding.


Daniel Faucher – @faucheredit

Daniel Faucher is from Montreal. He has been associated with the university milieu for many years. No, he is not a professor, nor a journalist.  He is currently working as a middle manager for a large IT unit, in a university. As simple as that. Each one has his own mission. Still, he is a writer. He has been a scriptwriter at Radio-Québec, many years ago. Translator, also. He holds a Bachelor degree in Commerce, as well as a foundation certificate for a Master program in Philosophy. He is the moderator and the editor of the blog.