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RIP Harry Leslie Smith

Harry Leslie Smith has died this morning while visiting his son in Canada. He was 95 years old. Considering himself the “world oldest rebel”, this left wing activist has spent his life in promoting universal access to healthcare and advocating on behalf of refugees, worldwide. “World’s oldest rebel”, wartime hero, author, activist and fierce defender …

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Hate speech is not free speech

“Hate speech is not free speech”. This quote is from Lenny Pozner, father of one of the children slaughtered in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting of December 2012. Pozner is describing the threats he has received since he has decided to go public and speak against the conspiracy theories overshadowing the Sandy Hook tragedy. …

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Live and Let Die

  Here is an unreleased version of the Live and and let Die song from Paul McCartney. This is an original recording back from the Wings era. It featured the band only (and the voices); without any additional effects as it was the case for the released version. It is of course  miles away from …

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Scary Time for Boys

This is a brillant video . Period. A nice parody and a nice song.  The perfect answer to the #himtoo movement. In reaction with to the comment made by Trump POTUS which expressed the idea that time were tough for boys following what went through with e Kavanaugh hearings.  Scary times for boys? Really?  

London Mayor Sadiq Khan reads some of the racist comments he receives

The Mayor of London read out some of the racist online abuse he receives. Published from the BBC on March 13, 2018. Poweful.

Megyn Kelly speaks out against Fox News and Bill O’Reilly

Megyn Kelly spoke out loud and clear this morning during her show Today on NBC.  She told her audience that she did complained to Fox News about Bill O’Reilly’s behavior, in response to the recent O’Reilly’s denial following the article published in the NY Times concerning the $32 million dollars settlement for sexual harassment involving …

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