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Daniel Faucher is from Montreal. He has been associated with the university milieu for many years. No, he is not a professor, nor a journalist.  He is currently working as a middle manager for a large IT unit, in a university. As simple as that. Each one has his own mission.

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Hazardous orange

We are about to cross a dangerous threshold. Donald Trump is trapped in a corner and walls are closing rapidly on him. Notwithstanding the fact that, as of January, the new majority in Congress will start upturning all the stones left untouched by the Republicans for the last two years. In my view, this is …

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Fear of facts

“Facts aren’t something we need to believe to make them true — we treat them as optional at our peril. And if we’re the president of the United States, we do so at the peril of not just ourselves but the hundreds of millions of people we’re responsible for.”   This quote is from Katharine …

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RIP Harry Leslie Smith

Harry Leslie Smith has died this morning while visiting his son in Canada. He was 95 years old. Considering himself the “world oldest rebel”, this left wing activist has spent his life in promoting universal access to healthcare and advocating on behalf of refugees, worldwide. “World’s oldest rebel”, wartime hero, author, activist and fierce defender …

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Rake Man

Intellectually, this is a big deal, a real fraud. What? In order to prevent forest fires, the easy fix would be to rake the floors of the forests? Really? After all, this is what they do in Finland, and it works! And maybe this is what we do in Canada too! We better check on …

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Stay in your lane!

“Do you have any idea how many bullets I pull out of corpses weekly? This isn’t just my lane,” Judy Melinek, a forensic pathologist, responded on Twitter. “It’s my fucking highway.” This remarkable quote is from Judy Melinek M.D., a forensic pathologist from San Francisco. She was reacting to the irresponsible and distressing comments from the NRA …

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La fin des haricots – 2

It appears that La fin des haricots has been postponed. Which is a good thing. As indicated in one of my recent posts on the same topic, the occult and regressive forces that enable people in bringing us back in time, thus making us believe that La fin des haricots is right ahead of us, …

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Hate speech is not free speech

“Hate speech is not free speech”. This quote is from Lenny Pozner, father of one of the children slaughtered in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting of December 2012. Pozner is describing the threats he has received since he has decided to go public and speak against the conspiracy theories overshadowing the Sandy Hook tragedy. …

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La fin des haricots

Green beans are the unripe, young fruit and protective prods of various cultivars of a common plant known as Phasseolus vulgaris. It was first cultivated in Central America and South America. Green beans are rich in starch and proteins, and they play a key role in the nitrogen biological fixation process. However, there is also …

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Live and Let Die

  Here is an unreleased version of the Live and and let Die song from Paul McCartney. This is an original recording back from the Wings era. It featured the band only (and the voices); without any additional effects as it was the case for the released version. It is of course  miles away from …

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Climate change isn’t real

  The journalist Ian Bremmer posted a tweet yesterday showing a drawing published on the Semi-Rad.com website. No need to further explain. The drawing is so disarmingly simple. And it is brilliant. It illustrates perfectly the immediacy of the moment as far as global warming is concerned. Not sure that the members of the Flat-Earth …

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