Daniel Faucher

Daniel Faucher is from Montreal. He has been associated with the university milieu for many years. No, he is not a professor, nor a journalist.  He is currently working as a middle manager for a large IT unit, in a university. As simple as that. Each one has his own mission.

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Trump is a stick of dynamite

Donald Trump is a stick of dynamite that was planted right at the heart of the political system by a large segment of the US population, mainly whites and Christians, who openly refuse to fulfill their duties as citizens. Win or lose, the damage is done; and the stick of dynamite can only explode. It …

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So Mr. Trump, what do we say to our kids now?

It is not the choice of words that is disturbing me in the race to nominate the Republican Party frontrunner, but the way Donald Trump is acting to achieve his objectives. I never really understood the extent of public interest in Donald Trump. As far as I am concerned, he is just a regular person. …

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Visigoths in downtown Phoenix

Billy Bob is scared. Phoenix is scared. White America is scared. So scared of ghosts and everything else; but especially scared of the Syrians refugees that have invaded Europe over the last few months and might cross the Atlantic Ocean by waves of tens of thousands, vandalizing homes, raping women and kids, shattering the American …

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Spying on

I am spying on people. I mean, a lot of people. Almost three hundreds; and I am adding people every day. It might not be a lot for some but, for me, it is a huge amount of people to have under surveillance at the same time. And these people do talk a lot; they …

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