Spying on


I am spying on people. I mean, a lot of people. Almost three hundreds; and I am adding people every day. It might not be a lot for some but, for me, it is a huge amount of people to have under surveillance at the same time. And these people do talk a lot; they speak all the time with other people with whom they share the same ideas, and give their offhanded opinions on matters that they find important. To be honest, I just love doing that. But at the same time it makes me worried. It is worth noting that most of the people that I am spying on appeared to be Jesus freaks. People for whom God and a backward-looking vision of their country appear to fit very well together. For the most, these white men and women fear difference of skin and belief. They do consider that they belong to a God-given nation and that having a gun is a God-given right that should not be altered, as they are suffering from morbid insecurity and need to be protected at all time.

All too often, these people offer a rather simplistic way of thinking, and are shamelessly spinning the facts in order to fit their ideology. These individuals are militants. Their ideology is contrary to basic values such as respect for others and common good. And this is why I am concerned. That said, I am refraining myself from commenting or retweeting their insanities because I do not want them to discover who I am really: I am not one of them, I just pretend to be one of them. I am looking in silence, staring at my screen without blinking.

Because I need to be reassured on human nature, I am also spying on various press and media groups, NGO and individuals able to strike a balance between facts and myths. For now, I simply retweet what is coming from this balanced side of things, with the naive intention of demonstrating to these Jesus freaks that they are out to lunch.

Having on a watch list these Jesus freaks, these forceful lovers of a utopian dream and a lost past, helped me realize that what we witness here can be seen anywhere around the world, that we encounter the same kind of attitudes in the USA, in Europe, here in Canada, or elsewhere in the Middle-East. The means may be different, but the intents and the actors are similar, even though nobody is willing to admit it. At a time were communications have no boundaries, where correctness of language is being revised constantly and most respectable icons are pulled down from their pedestal, people from the silent majority are doing their coming out with rage, spewing venom in the form of destructive and xenophobic ideas.

This in part where the idea of this blog is coming from: be able to publish pieces of opinion from these spying sessions, without having to be involved directly in the dialogue of the deaf that we see on social medias. This is my modest way of contributing to the public space and to try eliminating silos between the right and the left, before it is too late and hate speeches set the fire for good. This might prove to be a risky task though and I am not sure that this will be worth the effort. Time might tell.