The circus is in town!


“Trump is the PT Barnum of politics”.  This remarkable quote is from John Dean, who was a  senior advisor under Richard Nixon during the Watergate period. Dean was reacting to the idea of having people waiting in line more than 6 hours before the start of a Trump rally in Erie Pennsylvania a couple weeks ago.

Dean is of the opinion that the political rallies featuring Donald Trump during the mid-term season are grotesques acts and meaningless shows. Those who attend these rallies marvel that a clown, their clown, is now the most powerful person in the world. So, when the clown is showing up in a town nearby, for sure people will line up for hours in order to be amused and play long with his show.

Anyone with a minimum of decency and rationality can see through these uninspiring speeches. Night after night, Trump simply repeats the same one liners that make people laugh, yell or applaud.  Trump gives to the crowd what the crowd wants to hear, nothing more, nothing less. A divisive language that suits his own agenda. Anything is fair game, no holds are barred. We can all see that he emperor is naked but nobody cares. The show must go on.

A freak show. For the deplorables.  I love it.